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    Transfer domain?

    Hi guys, I'm just wondering, what does 'transfer domain' mean?

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    It would normally mean to transfer the domain to another registrar, say for example you register a domain at when it's nearly time to renew it you might "transfer" it to somewhere else like

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    what benefits one may have over networksolutions I'm currently with?

    Prices aside.

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    Well you take a look at the benefits and you choose the one that looks better to you. Some may give you full control of DNS Zone some might not.

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    heh, thanks.

    No complaints here, NS gives me all the control I need.

    btw, is there a database of all domain registrars I might look in to. I know I could Google it for but I'm too tired right now

    P.S. Now I have a machine gun. [ability to url posting]

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    Just want to recommend, this is my registrar choice for all of my domains.
    Cheap Dedicated Servers - Fully Managed, cPanel/WHM Included FOR FREE

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    That should be a rather up-to-date list of all accredited registrars.

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    BTW, NS is costly as far as I know and some other registrars will offer more services for lesser price.
    Wholesale Domain Prices for Retail Customers -

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    NS is costly
    NS in some cases is provided for free

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