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    Furniture Stores in SoCal?


    I am looking for a good low priced new or used furniture store in Riverside, Funtucky, Rialto, or San Berdu.. to get some stuff.

    Thrift stores or salvation army are good too i am not partial to what I get just as long as its clean.

    I am looking for queen size bed, sofa for my living room, home entertainment console thing where I can put my TV.. and a table/desk something for my bedroom where I can put another TV and misc. stuff... also a computer desk..

    Anyone got suggestions on a place to go see around here? I dont know the area at all and need some help hehe...

    address's or general locations of salvation army or other things that have furniture is good...


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    rowland hts, california

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    United States
    Riverside County:

    San Bernardino County:

    A quick search of google or a browse through the yellow pages would be more helpful than asking a bunch of people from around the world when only a handful are from the areas above. Of course, I am one of those from the areas above, the reason for my posting.


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