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Thread: Woolnet?

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    Anyone have any experience with WoolNet?

    I've just got an offer from them. But don't know anytihng about their company, how good they are etc. Seem not a lot of posts talks about them on here.

    So anyone knows anything about them?

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    No, I don't know anything about them, nor have I heard of them, but there are so many BurstNET resellers, why choose Woolnet? If you got a really nice offer from them, then that's different.

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    the owner is derek ting iirc, some 15 year old living in germany. he used to, or maybe still posts at a forum that i read frequently. i remember him advertising all the time. his company only consists of himself. i wouldn't recommend this host.

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    I heard of woolnet, he has many offers on somethingawful forums only good reviews on this company so far on that forum. On WHT hardly any reviews on them just yet
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