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    PHP ini config HELP -webmail- Shared Hosting

    Ok, the problem is with email attachment issue.

    I have 2 sites running on

    I also have 1 site running on, or

    If I use squirrelmail installed by both companies, I can send out max 50M attachment size. Which of course its very nice.

    If I install my own custom Squirrelmail on my shared hosting, I can only send out 2M with Hostworkz, and 6M with jaguarpc.

    Why is that? Why is it that if I use webmail installed by the server(on cpanel) I can send out 50M and with my custom installed email script, I can only send out 2M or 6M, depends which server is use. Are they not running on the same ini configs?

    I have contacted about this problem, and they keep telling me to use the webmail installed on the server, in cpanel. No way, I will never use that, since its not configured the way I need it.

    What can I tell the hosts to fix this problem? So I can have at least 10M attachment size in my custom installed SquirrelMail?

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    The issue is probaly not the limits in the web mail client itself, but the php uploading limit that is defined at 2mb by default in php.ini. The other sites obviously have had this configured differently. You can increase this to be quite larger however you may also then run into issues with the pages timing out if you try uploading an attachment of significant size.
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    From your phpinfo() (which is publicly available...not the smartest idea):

    post_max_size 8M
    upload_max_filesize 2M
    That's why you can't upload anything larger than a 2M attachment in your custom-installed SquirrelMail. You need to change your php.ini settings and then restart appache.

    Now, I have no idea why you can upload larger attachments in the default installs, since it sounds like you're saying that both installations are on the same server. Have you tried uploading large attachments or are you just going by what the program says is the largest you can upload?

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    Whatd do you mean publicly available? I'm on a shared hosting, hosted by and by

    are you talking about phpinfo.php on my websites? What harm can that file do?

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    One solution

    Hi, I think the solution would be on your code:
    //I think this will give you 20 mb of upload

    if that dosenīt work you may also try post_max_size, and memory_limit


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