I'm looking for a long term Job.

I can do the following Very Good

Install, Maintain, tweak, Invision Power Boards

Tweak, Maintain, Windows 2000 and 2003 Servers

Tweak, Maintain the following control panels Helm, Direct Admin, PLesk 5, 6,

Also Can Asnwer Helpdesk Questions on all the above.

I know very lil Linux.

Payment is 50 bucks per month for all maintaining Work and Asnwering Helpdesk Questions (via paypal or I have another idea for payment if it is maintaing work. (cheaper option) )

I can also be a Sale rep. (payment is a flat 50 a month after i get 3 new clients)

Installing Ipb is 5 bucks.

Contact me via Pm, or Y!

my Y! name is coski04 (if i appear offline go ahead and send me a message and i may respond depending on if i'm @ the comp or not)