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    My Thoughts on ****** Hosting...

    I felt it necessary for me to explain my thoughts on ****** Hosting. Their service and excellent hosting system is one of the best I have dealt with. I am no hosting expert, but I am pretty sure when I am getting a good deal.

    The Service
    The staff was always anxious to help me and answer any problems I had. Within minutes of me contacting them, I was reassured that the issue would be dealt with and they would have them resolved ASAP. ASAP usually meant about a couple of minutes to a couple of huh?

    The Hosting
    Hosting there is great; I have not had one bad thing happen to me. I can even remember if we ever had any downtime from DDOS attacks or anything. The fast speeds are great as I always get compliments from users on my website saying "Nice speed, fast as hell!". I was met at a great custom price when it came to my hosting, which I thought was great. They were willing to bend some of their hosting plans in order to make sure that I would be able to meet my budget. Great hosting!

    The Pricing
    ****** Hosting may not be the most inexpensive hosting around, but it is sure as hell the best. You can't go really cheap when it comes to hosting, and ******'s hosting plans are really cheap considering what you get for your money. They treat all of their hostees the same whether they are paying $80/month to $5/month.

    Visit ****** Hosting at http://www.******.com

    If you want to see for yourself, you can visit my website at and If you guys want to contact me and find out more, let me know.
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    The prices seem reasonable
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    I've just signed up with ****** last week.. good webhost. But sofar already experienced 2 downtimes. In fact, just today, my website is down and ******'s site is also down and you cannot access it. I wonder if their server has problems. If this problem is not going to be resolved, I'm considering changing to another webhost.
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    I see stars all over...
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    Originally posted by razorblue
    Love the company name
    I was just thinking the same thing lol
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    I don't even know what's being discussed with all these stars.
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