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    Question is a ded for me?


    im thinking of getting a server, but is it for me? well... i have 5 sites, and thinking of developing a new one very soon..., the 5 sites i have now use about 300-400 gig of b/w a month... and is it easy to set up to host people and charge them? for like the server rent cost?


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    I reccomend getting a VPS / VDS before a dedicated box
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    I reccomend getting a VPS / VDS before a dedicated box
    Digi_Err0r is using 400GB of bandwidth now. I believe a good VPS will offer a package of 400GB bandwidth at the price of almost a dedicated server. Not to forget he has another site coming up...

    Just answer two simple questions:
    1. Can I afford to maintain a dedicated server?
    2. Can I manage the server myself, or perhaps hire a server admin to manage it?

    If you answer yes for both the questions, just start a dedicated server

    All the best!
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