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    1.7 ghz 512ram 80gig HD $49/mo Semi-Managed - WHT Special

    Dedicated- Custom Configuration – SEMI-MANAGED Server
    • Single 1.7Ghz Intel® Celeron® processor
    • Integrated MSI 651-COMBO-L Micro-ATX motherboard
    • 1U rackmount server chassis
    • 512MB DDR266 RAM Installed
    • Up to 512MB - 2GB DDR266 memory capacity
    • 128KB L2 On-Processor Cache Memory
    • 80 GB enhanced IDE harddisk (8ms or less access time)
    • 52x CDROM drive
    • RealTek 8101 10/100 fast Ethernet port
    • Integrated SIS651 2D/3D Video Accelerator

    Six servers available currently, act quickly.

    INSTANT setup (redhat)
    99.9% Uptime Guarantee
    Full Root Access
    No Contract Required (Monthly Billing)
    Free basic remote hands service
    4IP's. Extra Available
    Free reboots 9-5
    web://cp installed for free upon request.
    We will help you install any software we are knowlegable about free of charge.
    We will help you secure your system free of charge.

    We are located in Seattle, WA, and our service truly is top notch. We can provide many satisfied customers reviews and e-mail's.

    We own all our own equipment, and do all our own support. Nothing we sell except bandwidth is resold. Our bandwidth is either cogent, or our BGP mix of verio, level3, genuity, global crossing, and time warner, for maximum speed and reliability. Test IP

    These servers will come with a 24/7 account representative, so that you may reach someone at any time by phone if something happens with your servers. The NOC is also staffed 24/7.

    Bandwidth Prices:
    $50/meg Cogent
    $175/meg (Amazing Pricing) For our BGP4 Premium bandwidth.
    If you have any questions I will be more then happy to answer them.

    All our equipment and bandwidth is actually high quality. We want the chance to prove our level of service in this community, and are confident that we could rise above your expectations.

    Thank you.

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    does this mean its $50 for renting the server + $50 per meg or could I get 1 meg for a total of $50 a month?

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    Bandwidth is seperate, so it would be 100. However, we can go as low on bandwidth as 256k burstable to 10mbps for $20/month

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