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    Blurred or not blurred? Science fiction and fantasy forum header

    I'm not always too strong on graphics - it's not really my speciality.

    What I'd like to ask is whether the header here is acceptably functional, or not. Doesn't matter if the header isn't brilliant - but is it offputting?

    The blurring was just a quick effect for adding a little depth and mixing. Too sharp a focus and the pictures didn't blend in very easily.

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    Between blur and sharp, Sharp definatly.

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    Very good design, but maybe a bit of feathering is needed between the different images... They seem like they are too seperate from each other. - Shared and Reseller Hosting Solutions on cPanel/WHM Linux Servers - Discount ModernBill Licenses, Hosted Installations, and Professional Services
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    Sharp - add the feathering.... the images don't seem to blend.

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    Okay - thanks for that - sharp with feathering.

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