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    FREE eNom Domain Name Reseller Account

    I offer the lowest prices that eNom will allow ETPs to create for a reseller account. Check the prices below and compare what you see others offering. A few facts:
    1) I am an ETP not a $6.95 sub-account.
    2) Instant account activation here.
    3) What about the discounts? Instead of waiting for credits and rebates, I give you your rebate up front thereby reducing your cost per domain.
    -- PM if you have any questions.

    TLD Registration/RenewalTransfer
    .com $8.95/$8.95/$8.95
    .net $8.95/$8.95/$8.95
    .org $8.95/$8.95/$8.95
    .us $8.95/$8.95/$8.95
    .info $8.95/$8.95/$8.95
    .biz $8.95/$8.95/$8.95 $8.95/NA/NA $8.95/NA/NA $34.95/$34.95/$34.95 $34.95/$34.95/$34.95 $34.95/$34.95/$34.95
    .ca $13.95/$13.95/NA
    .cn $24.95/$24.95/$24.95
    .name $8.95/$8.95/NA
    .cc $24.95/$24.95/$24.95
    .tv $39.95/$39.95/NA
    .bz $24.95/$24.95/NA
    .nu $24.95/$24.95/NA
    .ws $24.95/$24.95/NA
    .tm $99.00/NA/NA $85.00/NA/NA $24.95/$24.95/$24.95 $24.95/$24.95/$24.95 $24.95/$24.95/$24.95
    .de $14.95/NA/NA

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    Your sign up page goes to a 404 page not found...
    Robert Matthams
    NeoManager Managing Director

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    Thank you! It is fixed. I was moving from DRAMS to Whois.cart.

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    I'd like to find out more anout your program for reselling domain name registration.

    I've been browsing around and feeling a little irritated that all of the reseller programs I've seen make it impossible to be competitive in pricing.

    Please email me with information.


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