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    Newbie VPS Unmetered question

    I've been on a reseller account for a while but my needs have outgrown the company and their TOS. I host adult sites, mostly galleries and plan to do some sites with small movies, and am looking at using about 200-500GB of transfer a month.

    Ok so I searched the forum and found several highly recommended companies. They offer two types of plans for VPS. To give you some background each box has 4 machines of which I would have one. Additionally each box has approxamately the same configuration of cpu, ram, and disk space.

    1. VPS Unmetered with a 10Mb line for about $80.

    2. VPS Dedicated with esentially the same server specs as the Unmetered with 300GB of transfer for $140.

    I don't understand why the unmetered is a little more than half the price of the dedicated. Am I missing something?

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    did you ask them??
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    I don't see any reason the unmetered option is less than the 300GB option, that doesn't make sense to me. - Shared and Reseller Hosting Solutions on cPanel/WHM Linux Servers - Discount ModernBill Licenses, Hosted Installations, and Professional Services
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    I personally wouldn't trust any unmetered option. I used to work for a company that offered that.. If you started using alot of bandwidth, they'd just say you were using "too many system resources." Unmetered is a trap.. Stay away from it.

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    Yeah, LumbyJJ is right. I'd avoid the unmetered hosting. They all have a clause that says that if you use too many resources, you'll get suspended. But the thing is that you don't know how much is too much, and you wouldn't want your sites suspended out of the blue like that.

    Get something with a clear bandwidth limit, or maybe, if you feel up to it, get a dedicated server. 300-500GB/mo is a lot of bandwidth.
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    The problem you might run into with the "unmetered" option is that the other 3 customers on the server might use all the 10mps so there is hardly anthing left for you. Or is there a performance guarantee? Like that you are guaranteed 2.5mps at any time if you need it and might use more if it is available at the moment.

    The dedicated option must have a better connection so it handles "bandwidth spikes" more smoothly.

    A quick calculation shows that you can squeeze out 810 gb transfer in a month with your quarter of the 10mbps, but you can't really compare that number to the 300gb in the dedicated option since the transfer rate is probably not limited to 10mbps there.
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    Given you run adult sites why would you trust 3 other people on the same server?

    I've worked on a few 'adult' servers in my time and had to send my current IP address just to log into ftp (let alone shell) to the admin. If my address changed I then had to send that - *specific* IP addresses. Everyone but the admin was totally blocked except for port 80.
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    Is the $140 server managed and the $80 not? I think I know which host you are looking at and this is probably the case.

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