I set up one website - put it on a dedicated IP address via HELM. It will not allow me to install the FP extensions. The error message for HELM:
2004-04-16 08:32:41 Website.IWeb_InstallFP Unknown error while installing FrontPage: The FP extension failed to install. FP Extensions responded: (-666) The server administration programs and the server extensions on the web server are not compatible. The administration program is too old to use with this server. ["C:\Program Files\WebHost Automation\Helm\\System\fpremadm.exe" -adminusername Administrator -adminpassword **** -targetserver http://XX.XX.XX.XXX:4952/fpadmdll.dll -o install -t iis -p 80 -sp publish -m merchantaccounts4less.com -u Administrator]
I sign into the Admin for the FP extensions. Some versions of the Fp extensions are or, while this one is But I cannot extend this one - the hyperlink is not active.

I am able to install other websites & enable the FP extensions for the shared IP address. So I then went, added a new domain & installed the FP extensions. The FP extensions on this one is But I look into IIS & go to the ISAPI filters & it says that the priority is unknown, while the others are low. Anyone run into this problem before?

Is the low OK? Should I always assign FP extensions before assigning a dedicated IP?

Yes I did post this message in Helm as well, but I think that is beyond their expertise.