Home of the $1 Hosting Plan

$1/month gets you:
250Megs Space
5Gig Bandwidth

Mention WHT and get
Unlimited email/ftp/mySQL databases

http://www.dollarwebhosting.biz/dollarhosting.php for the $1 plan specs - no contract, month to month billing if you wish

$3.95 gets you:
1,000 Megs Space
15 Gig Bandwidth
Unlimited options

http://www.dollarwebhosting.biz/hosting.php for the Shared Hosting plans

$9.99 Reseller plan gets
1,000 Megs Space on Primary domain
5 Gig Bandwidth on Primary domain
1,000Meg of resellable space
20 Gig of resellable Bandwidth
Unlimited options

These are opening prices, will be good for the next month or so. We have AIM instant support and toll-free telephone support as well.