Linux Tech Networks has the following openings at the current time.
This opportunity will be paid on a per comission (30% of initial sale, paid bi-weekly) basis. The responsibilities of this individual will include:

  • Making new service/product announcements to both old and existing customers
  • Bringing in new avenues of revenue
  • Informing current (and previous) users of necessary patches and upgrades
  • Monitoring various forums and posting appropriate responses, if applicable.

The individual chosen for sales SHOULD have at least a minor linux background, an understanding of what it is that LTN does, and a willingness to learn. Obviously you need to have a bit of experience with the internet, sales, and various forums as well as being a people person . Previous experience , as well as references is required.

As of this time, LTN has ONE programming position open. This position involves maybe 10 hours of work (if that), however the payment is recurring. As clients sign up for this specific service, you continue to make monies off of it. The modifications should be simple, but at this point they're beyond my comprehension of php/javascript, so I'm opening this up for programming help

The individual in this case should have a working php, javascript and html knowledge base and be willing to work with getting this setup in the appropriate manner .

All inquiries should be directed to jobs at linux.tech.net. Please include a valid resume, references, and other ways to get ahold of you (preferrably icq/aim/msn).

Linux Tech Networks