I tried to get an account set up with Bravidio. They were down a long time last weekend (April 10, 2004), and then the order took FOREVER to be processed, with me having to send URGENT emails.

Well, now I had a support question, and it's clear there was a typo in the "24 hour support" they advertised - they left out the word "non", as in "non-support".

Bravidio has been recommended to me by a friend who uses them and has had no bad experiences in the past, and that's why I forgave the slow order processing (they admitted they were having problems). Now with this experience it's over - I am cancelling the account, and I am warning people not to fall for their $99 multi-domain promotion they are offering - you are getting less, not more, for what you are paying.

God, I wish people would have support phone numbers, or any phone number for that matter!