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    software RAID 1 on serverbeach

    I plan to use redhat 9 or fedora core 1.

    Did anyone try to convert from default 2 hard drives setup to software raid? If you request it, will the tech support set it up for you? Their FAQ clearly states that they don't offer raid because RAID controllers are expensive, no word about software raid.

    I found this link here but the name speaks for itself :-)

    am I crazy? :-)

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    I would ask Nightfoo who is a mod for the serverbeach forums.


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    I would imagine they would since with redhat its just an option at install time. No special setup needed.

    I just got raid1 up running on my debian box remotely. It was a pain but in the end I only had 2 failed attempts bad enough that support had to go reboot the box and boot into an older config. On red hat I believe the kernel is built with raid support so it should be easier.

    If you end up setting it up yourself, I may be able to help you a little, but my knowledge of red hat is pretty limited.

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    So has anyone managed to setup software RAID-1 on a serverbeach server? (They apparently won't do it for you since they install from images -which is understandable.)

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