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    Hi everyone,
    i've been a web designer for about a year and a half now, and have never got to learn it in school or through books. I began doing it as a hobby and now its almost my daily job.

    I have 3 websites i own and would like to hear your comments on them if possible. Every critique, good or bad is welcome, but please state the site you are commenting on so that i can make the right changes. The link are already on my signature, so i would not include it here.

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    The sites loaded very slow and that turned me off right away.

    But the designs are solid, I wouldn't change anything. Just look into faster hosting - Shared and Reseller Hosting Solutions on cPanel/WHM Linux Servers - Discount ModernBill Licenses, Hosted Installations, and Professional Services
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    In the Hussan4africa website....the wording is so small. Maybe that's my computer or something.

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    You're right, will see to it soon.. thanks

    About the loading speed, well i'm trying to get a new server. Hope that will solve the problem..

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    solved the problem on hassan4africa...

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    I would maybe go for a more professional design. I'm nto to big on the current one. The load speed on your site isn't that great. Nice designs though. Good luck with your site.


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    What kind of professional design do you suggest? The loading speed will be solved soon. I am just having some problems with my server.

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    Hi guys,
    we have now moved to a new host and i will really appreciate if you guys will give some more comments especially on the loading speed...

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    The new site loads much faster. The main issue I see with it is that the site appears to be "WebCenter" when actually that's just an advertiser it sees. I look in the upper left for the name of a site immediately, and seeing that name and logo in the same color as the site is just confusing. Also, the menu description popup things seem too far off to the right for me, confusing again.
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    thanks Dan for the tips..
    at this moment i'm having problems aligning the menu discription because its totally CSS coded. The only thing i could do is set it to inline which makes it align to the right automatically.

    About the logo or site name, well when i designed this site i had a big white gap where the advert now stands and now that i got this advert i could also not do anything cause their advert almost have the same color of my site by default...

    I hope to resolve these soon... If possible...

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