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    Exclamation I need either an illustrator or clip logo

    I am in need of a logo design. I know exactly what I want, but
    I am not very artistic. It is actually a logo for a gaming clan,
    so there will be 2 images... one a logo, the other a banner
    made of basically the same logo image on one side, and a
    Call Of Duty public banner for phpnuke.

    The logo I would like in the form of a Military patch on a
    transparent background. On the military patch I wish to
    simply have a circle. Around the outside of the circle will be the name of the team. {TRv}Team-Ravage. On the inside I would like a soldier torso up, leaning out of the circule "Rambo style"
    but an American WWII soldier with helmet on and hanging his 50Cal machine gun out the circle..

    The patch would be greenish Military color, and the circle and soldier should stand out from the background. (One way to do
    this would be a solid background circle)...

    (Now it dont' have to be a soldier, but a vulture, or something nasty hanging out with some sort of nasty 50cal Machine gun (or something similar to the gun on "serious sam game". That looks like a nasty gun.

    Likely the logo is pretty simple to put together from the patch, oval or circle, with this thing hanging out with the machine gun bust up. This soldier, vulture, nasty looking duck or something must have a U.S. hard helmet on.

    Concept is there, but I am more autistic than artistic. Any recommendations, or if someone wants to price something like this, I would appreciate it greatly.

    I thought the banner for the website header would simply
    be a standard Call Of Duty type PHPnuke header and slap
    the logo on the left side of it, sizing it of course...

    If it requires illustration, please let me know your price to do this logo. For a banner, the logo in the banner with common Call oF duty Phpnuke banners available these days with Team-Ravage on it will do. (That is actually pretty simple enough that I could
    likely do the banner...) But I need a pro to do the logo.

    If it can be done with clipart less expensive, I don't care I can't copyright it. If it is custom illlustration, (obviously more $), I would want to Copyright it.


    [email protected]

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    Edit: I just realized you are looking for something different than what I was telling you about.

    Sorry about that. Good luck on your search.
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    Circling above the vultur
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    My top reccomendation...

    ... 'nuff said
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    Can we help?


    We will be honored to offer you our service:

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    Sent you an email. Hope to hear from you soon.

    S. Faruque

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