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    Virtual File System through www


    A customer has asked for a virtual file system that they can access through the www.

    The key requirements are:

    - uploads/downloads through www
    - directories
    - user access controls
    - group access controls

    From my perspective, I just want to make sure that any files uploaded can't be executed on the server.

    We use Apache/PHP/Mysql in a FreeBSD environment.

    Can anyone advise as to a good free script/programme that will fulfil this requirement?

    Many thanks in advance

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    creating the '.htaccess' file with the text 'Options +Indexes'

    thats half the battle

    im not sure of your situations on control panels:
    *in plesk its just a check mark apon domain creation
    *webmin ( is under the gpl and a great control panel software that may help configure this in the servers -> apache -> 'prolly going to the botom and select the virtual server'
    *you might also try webmin w/ virtual-min for kicks and just creat a virtual server there

    good luck and contact me if you need help
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