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    EV1 Servers

    Do people resell their servers? I heard that Dot5 did but don't know if thats true. If so then i assume EV1 allow it?
    How would you do it, just sell the server for more than EV1 charge? I assume that most people would rather just buy from EV1 direct but would people use it for manages servers?
    I.E. you get the server from EV1 sell it to the customers and they you provide the "managed" services?

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    Depends on what CSR you speak to and what time of day it is. EV1 doesn't have an official reseller program. There are those that use their servers and then offer managed services along with them though.

    Robert Marsh, the head of EV1 mentioned to Dennis here that EV1 will allow this and change over the name of the leasor on the servers. In my experience though, this is not true. An original server that I have there was actually used for a client, so I had it put in their name. The client no longer uses it and I had been trying to get it put in my name for over a year now. I'll talk to a EV1 rep and they'll ask me to just request through a trouble ticket and it will get taken care of. That doesn't happen, so they'll say to fax something. Still nothing. Send in something on company letterhead, yet nada. The latest is that they will change the account holder name, but only for a service fee of $50. That was a couple of months ago.

    Basically, I've given up on that at this point. From what I've seen, EV1 boxes can't be resold in the traditional sense of the term.
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