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    chkrootkit output, what's this?

    Can somebody explain the following:

    Checking `sniffer'... eth0: not promisc and no PF_PACKET sockets
    eth0:1: not promisc and no PF_PACKET sockets
    eth0:2: not promisc and no PF_PACKET sockets
    eth0:3: not promisc and no PF_PACKET sockets
    eth0:4: not promisc and no PF_PACKET sockets

    Everything else is clean, just not sure what this translates to, it only showed up today, yesterdays was fine and all i've done inbetween is upgrade php 4.3.3 > 4.3.4 disabled the use of system and exec commands and installed zend.


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    not sure what PF_PACKETS are, but 'not promisc' means it's not in promiscuous mode, meaning it's not listening to all the packets on the LAN - only ones addressed to that NIC. (which is the way it should be)

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    no PF_PACKET sockets probably means there is no sniffer running on the box.
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    PF_PACKET - packet interface on device level.
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