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    Anyone knows how to do this on Cpanel or an available script?

    I have a dedicated server.
    I wonder if there's a script, service, or anyone on the audience that is willing to help for free or by payment *tight budget :-( to acomplish this:

    I have a account and I would like to be able to create the customers account on my server as soon as the payment has gone successfully so the customer have automatic account creation?

    I'm pretty handy with code (I'm not a coder though) and can try a self method but would appreciate if anybody knows a service or a script already made if not then I'm willing to pay.

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    You might want to look at H-sphere. It's a complete web hosting management system - it does everything you need - automatic account creation, billing, trouble tickets, customer control panel, etc., etc. You can start with one server and add others as you need.
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    You may want to ask the same question at the, or better, to request a feature :-)
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