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Thread: Spammer alert.

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    Spammer alert.

    Hello. This is a warning to other dedicated server sellers.

    Watch out for Ryan Champion.

    He is sending spam like crazy. Got 12 complaints from spamcop today alone.

    And the nerve, now that i shut his servers off. he is very upset and wants a refund. Oh wait we dont refund spammers.

    Just a warning to other host he will be on the prowl.

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    Is there a clause in your terms of service or acceptable use policy which states that if services are abused, that you don't return a refund? If not, you could be sued.

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    ok so because he got 12 complaints that means he is spamming??

    do you have evidence of spamming? or are you just taking spamcops word for it!
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    Also if that is his real name that you just posted, and he really isn't sending spam, this is going to be pretty low.

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    sued over $18 bucks per month?

    Good... I'm glad you turned off the switch... search the url and dvdad is all over the "black list."
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    Originally posted by hekwu
    sued over $18 bucks per month?

    Good... I'm glad you turned off the switch... search the url and dvdad is all over the "black list."
    Clients who sue, don't just sue for the monthly hosting fee, but rather for what they claim they lost in sales!

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    Suppose it could be argued any potential sales he was going to make would have been the result of spamming, which is illegal.

    This would be like suing a car-rental company because they took their car back when they found out you were using it to transport drugs. It doesn't matter that you were going to make a quick $10,000, the rental company would argue your activities were illegal and any "loss of revenue" was simply ill-gotten-gains anyway, I doubt you would be able to sue for that. You don't think the rental company should let you use their car even though it would likely get impounded when you got caught.

    By using their servers to send spam they could cost the hosting company to have their server pulled (and thus cost the HOSTING COMPANY money). It is reasonable for them to cancel their hosting account to prevent damage to their business.

    In my opinion it doesn't matter if the refund policy was stated, I would suspend their site, keep their $18 for my trouble, and welcome them to file a lawsuit if they liked. I would also inform them I would be countersuing for sending unsolicited commerical email which if I am not mistaken is fineable up to $500 per instance.

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