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    Giving an refund.

    Whats your policy on refunds, do you give them, only for a certain lengh. Do you give them after the gurantee time is over. If a customer pays yearly but terminates after 6 month, do you give a refund.

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    30 days money back, don't do yearly accounts for the above stated reason.
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    You can always give the guy a 6 months refund. I am sure he would not complain.

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    If a client has paid month to month and they are past our guarantee, usually no refund is issued (unless their payment came through right before/after they cancelled)

    If a client has paid quarterly, semi-anually, or anually and are not leaving the server due to TOS violations, we will refund their remaining unused time.

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    Can't keep the money for a service we didn't provide
    That makes sense, but what if you make a discount for paying yearly? That's not fair to you, is it? It's a tricky business... In any case, a clear policy should be posted in the TOS.

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    We have a 30-day money back guarantee; after that we do pro-rate refunds.

    However, if a client paid yearly, the proration is based on the monthly rate they would have paid if they were paying monthly.

    Thank you.
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    Just keep your chargeback liability in mind when the question of refunds arise. Most customers are reasonable but if you have a situation with a completely unreasonable customer who threatens to dispute his transaction... it is better to give a refund than incur a chargeback on it.

    You can also indicate that you will issue a refund on his/her card but that he/she will remain liable for the remaining balance and then send them multiple invoices and finally send it off to collections as a last resort, if it comes to it, and if you feel very strongly about it.

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