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Thread: Fedora Linux

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    Question Fedora Linux

    Looking to see what others think of using Fedora as a production web or mail server. Experiences, thoughts or just comments.

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    Fedora is good. We have been using it for both personal and server needs and it has done well. It is just an updated RH 9.0.

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    Fedora is awsome mate, a very goog choice (The best IMHO, but that's a differnt story!)

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    We've got it running across 100's of VPS's now with no problems. Also on host machine so generally thumbs up from here

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    I say this everytime fedora is mentioned, but maybe im just against redhat too much.

    Fedora i wouldn't recommend as a server platform.

    Lets be serious. Why did most people change to Fedora? because of the Redhat EOL and you didn't wanna pay for the enterprise version.

    Only problem is, when a new version of fedora is released, for example, core 2, fedora core 1 will only be updated for another 3 months. after that, Fedora Core 1 has no more updates, which leaves you with the same problem as you had with Redhat

    so if thats why you wish to move to fedora (because updates aren't still being released for redhat, by redhat) then read the fedora FAQ, because you will have that problem with every release.

    If, however, your not worried about redhat stopping updates for fedora after a few months, then fedora wouldn't be a bad choice.

    remember, a distro is just a "name" with a few of their own packages chucked in, and small alterations here and there. The rest of the base system, "libaries, headers, kernel, etc" will be the same as any other linux system.

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    We are with Fedora and love it. We're willing to work with issues, upgrades, etc... and completely understand why RedHat needs to make some of the moves they are making. I personally believe its the best enviornment for a web platform (especially for php), but that's just my opinion.

    RedHat has done us well and we will continue to support them.
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    Originally posted by EcpHosting
    I personally believe its the best enviornment for a web platform (especially for php), but that's just my opinion.

    Even with the whole PHP/Apache 2 debates I have been hearing? Are you running Apache 2 with PHP? If so are you seeing any issues?
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    The best server one can have
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    Personally I'd use enterprise.
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