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    anybody know


    working with this people? what is your experience?



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    That site makes me nervous....little stuff like the viagara ad on the side would make me think twice about trusting them with my business

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    I agree. It looks like a feeder page.

    That address in london is a harley street address and those are mostly virtual offices now.

    The others are in the Czech republic.

    Why deal with shady companies that lye when there's loads of good ones in Mainland Europe and America.

  4. #4 has an account at (it's written on their site)

    loyalbank has a payment system for companies, each employe gets a ATM-card. Anyway, I suspect the so called "merchant account" with ATM-card is just simple factoring and the atm-cards all belong to the same account at loyalbank. But, I'm not sure, just guessing. Anyway, their incorporation fees for seychelles offshore company formation is priced quite good.

    All the links on ecash site leads to companies...having PayPal as the only payment option!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    heheh I'm allready trying to get intouch with them for a few days: ICQ/MSN and e-mail, NO RESPONSE.
    And besdies that, they do NOT inform people well with their websites. So take my advice, stay away with these scambos (lol)

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