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Thread: rsync question

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    rsync question

    I know most people use rsync for backup and that's what I've used it before. I would like to use it to keep two computers data synchronized

    The problem gets complicated even further because both computers are behind NAT firewall and can not be accessed from the outside.

    I have a webserver that I set up with rsyncd for this purpose.

    So this is my idea: I rsync data from one computer to the webserver and then i rsync the data from the webserver to the second computer. I need this to synchronize data both ways (from second computer, via webserver to the first computer) Is this possible?

    As far as I understand, you can rsync the data only one way, meaning you always have to specify a target and a destination. Is there a way to do two way sync?

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    yes, you can easily rsync data TO and FROM.
    Example of "FROM":
    rsync -alzprv [email protected]::module/ /path/to/local/dest/

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