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    Where have you got your Reseller Hosting from?

    There are so many hosts that provide reseller web hosting. I know there are so many hosts, plans and offers. Just keen to know your experiences with your reseller account provider.. And which one can you recommend and which one will you warn about?
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    Dont have any personal experience. However this post might fit better in the Reseller section of the forum located here

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    before getting a dedicated server, I tried both E-Z-hosting and dathorn.

    E-Z-Hosting had terrible support, many slowdowns and Dathorn was simply awesome.
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    Heard alot about dathorn all good reviews so far but never had contact or any experience with them so I wouldnt know.
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    I have used and currently is using Citadelhost and I give them 2 thumbs up. As long as I have been with them I have had no problems with getting almost instant support. I have always felt secure with CH and Jon and his crew are just awesome.

    I will take that experience with me now as I move on to set up my own dedicated server, knowing how important good and friendly support is.

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    812 here ..... - even with being aquired by Voxtreme, things are still looking good (knock on wood)
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    I started as a Reseller with Dixie Systems and have since moved to my own servers although I retain a small account with them for a couple of personal sites.

    Gary (Owner of Dixie Systems) is a very knowledgeable System Administrator and operates his company in a manner that builds both customer trust and loyalty. I have no reservation in recommending his services. Support is top knotch and if it is a basic question, many times the people on their forums can also help you as well. is where you will find their site.
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