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    Tried selling these domains a few weeks ago and no luck,so i will try again.

    EV1 Domains
    RGCDNS.COM (Expires 11.19.2004) - Asking $1.50
    MyDedicatedRack.Com (Expires 12.20.2004) - Asking $4.00

    GoDaddy Domains
    MyIBForum.Com (Expires 5.5.2005 - $20.00

    MyIBForum was registered just a few weeks ago,due to a partner backing out im selling the domain. The domain was going to be used to offer "Free Message Boards" that were instantly created with a script. IB stands for "Invision Board". The domain includes one skin of your choice from (, i purchased the packet of skins a few weeks ago.

    PM me if you want any of them!!


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    Pm Sent on first two, Sale Pending on MyDedicatedRack.Com and RGCDNS.Com

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