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    Managed, reliable UNIX hosting?

    Hi there,

    I'm going to be moving a few e-commerce sites off a high bandwidth box with my current host because I want more reliability in a dedicated solution.

    They won't use much bandwidth so any suggestions on hosting companies would be great.

    Ev1, for example, will not do because there is no reliability on the server being redundant and what not.


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    Here are some reliable UNIX servers: /

    Some of the providers above provide managed solution. If you need someone to manage the server for you and perform complete managing task, you may hire a server administrator.

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    Are two great providers. is up there as well.

    Brendan Diaz

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    ServerMatrix would be my choice. Great people and a great company. If you have more money ThePlanet would also be a good choice.

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    RackSpace is probably the most reliable and the best for management wise. However it is also the most expensive. Dinix is quite good, I have not seen any complaints on these forums. They use pure internap bandwidth which just is absolutely amazing. However out of all those, the most cost-effective one would have to be servermatrix or the planet. I've been with them for a number of months and everything has been going well. Of course there are a few problems here and there, but you'll be ordering managed services which helps a lot..

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    From what I have been hearing personally Rackspace sounds like a solid choice eventhough I have not had very much experience with them. Also I have been able to speak to Server Matrix quite a bit and they should be able to come up with some sort of solution to fulfill your needs as well. There is a wide variety of companies to choose from depending on your specific needs and the level of management required.

    If you are looking for a company that will just checkup on your box from time to time opposed to a company who will maintain and keep your box up to date, you will notice that the variety of choices you thought you had just slimmed.



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