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    * HELP 2 What is this?

    i' don't understand in they page say:

    We are in the hosting bussines from 1997 or 1998

    but this say: Record created on 05-Jul-2003.

    Registration Service Provider:

    What is that? Service provider is who give the host for penguinhost?

    please help me i don't understand.

    12333 W. Main St
    Reno, Nv 80505

    Domain name: PENGUINHOST.NET

    Administrative Contact:
    Penguin, Enterprises [email protected]
    12333 W. Main St
    Reno, NV 80505
    Technical Contact:
    Penguin, Enterprises [email protected]
    12333 W. Main
    Reno, NV 80505

    Registration Service Provider: LLC., [email protected]
    904-292-4332 may be contacted for domain services login/passwords,
    Email support, SSL Certificates, and all other general domain support

    Registrar of Record: TUCOWS, INC.
    Record last updated on 28-Sep-2003.
    Record expires on 05-Jul-2004.
    Record created on 05-Jul-2003.

    Domain servers in listed order:

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    Smile has their domain registered through

    I doubt the company was in business since 1997~
    They may have their name changed~

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    PenguinHost has been in business since 1998 serving over 20,000 customers worldwide!

    Our headquarters are based in the high-tech city of Reno, Nevada. We are a privately owned company that has shown a profit for the last 4 1/2 years since we have been in business. Our success is due to our high level of equipment, service and support that we are committed to maintaining.

    Our unique online control panel is the best in the industry. With over 100 features and still easy for a beginner to use sets us apart from the rest.

    How i can trust in they????

    how i can be sure that they give me, the features of i buy?

    please help me.

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    You can find another one if you dun feel comfortable with them ~ You are not forced to go with them. There are many that suit your needs.

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    i'm looking for other.

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    Originally posted by Alejandro_25
    PenguinHost has been in business since 1998 serving over 20,000 customers worldwide!
    If that were the case, you should be able to search for them on, and find reviews.

    A large company that's been in business for 5 years and has 20,000 customers should have some sort of a reputation on WHT.
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    sounds a bit fishy, but yeah, maybe they had a change of name or something to that effect. Why don't you email them and ask them about that? They might have a perfectly good explanation, and it will also give you a feel of who you are dealing with.
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    Not sure how legal this is:
    Copyright 1999-2003 PenguinHost
    The company can't have existed before last year so how can it own copyright before then? Of course it's possible they traded under a different name before. If I ever sold my business and started up one, I'd still boast 3 years in the industry but I wouldn't but a copyright on my site stretching back then.
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    Here's my experience with them. (I would have posted the link directly to the thread but it won't allow me to post links, so I'll just cut and paste it here.)

    Well, after being with them for about 3 months I can give you my experience. And it was terrible. This is not

    First, their customer service is mixed. They have no toll-free number, but they do respond quickly to emails and tickets. Apparently, about 3 or 4 people function as tech support, as I've exchanged numerous emails with them. They are based in Reno, Nevada and "supposedly" have been around since 1997.

    My first month with them was flawless. Then, on my second-third month, my site suddenly disappeared. I run a business site with hundreds of customers and no one could access their accounts. The site itself was not down. My account simply disappeared. I could not even log into access my files. I had already paid for the months in advance so that was not an issue.

    The problem was that my site now pointed to a Cpanel page that said there was no website configured. On the second day after emailing tech support, someone finally responds saying that it must be some http.conf error or some other and says he will dispatch someone to take a look (this after the second day!). A few days later, they close the 2 help tickets I had open, without resolution. So I send more emails and post another ticket. 1 week later, they respond saying someone will look into it. Nothing happens. So I make phone calls to my credit card company and PayPal, trying to reverse my payment. The next day, they send me an email, apologizing and fix the problem that same day. My site is moved to another server and now it is back up. However, it is about 3 weeks old. They lost my files and used a 3 week old backup to restore my site.

    In the end, they must have lost the server my site was on without admitting it and lost 3 weeks worth of updates. My site was down for 2 weeks and they would not even give me an explanation for what happened.

    My advice is to stay away from I've since moved to a well established host that excels in customer service and reliability. I still have all the email correspondence and tickets on file if anyone wants to read it. It was such a headache.

    This is just my experience. Take it as you will.

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    i'd just like to point out that it's possible that they had a variation in a new domain name?

    i just recently registered a few months ago, but i state that i've been in the hosting business for 3 years (which is true). was only registered 2 years ago. before that i used a sub-domain for year off one of my websites.

    what i'm saying is, don't let a WHOIS be your only source of investigation, as it's not exactly fair.
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    Try using the Wayback machine at Alexa, does the site show up as existing back in 98?
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    Originally posted by IncognitoNet
    Try using the Wayback machine at Alexa, does the site show up as existing back in 98?
    Thats a great idea but if they hosted under a different name or like the one mentioned above off a sub domain would this still work?

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    They couldn't have been in business since 1998, I owned that domain name between 2000 and 2002 or 2003. I'm not surprised that your experience was sketchy

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    • The creation date of a domain name has almost nothing to do with the incorporation date or the first trading date of its owner.

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