Hello All!

I am looking for someone that knows about windows xp embedded and can work with it. If you can, please reply and I might be able to tell you more details.

As of right now, the company this would be for is still working on the concept and development of it, so they can not release too many details.

All I know is that they are looking to embed xp into some sort of interface and program and then put it onto a thumb drive? lol

Anyway, I was told that if you know about xp embdedded and can do it, then you could do this project.

As well, the pay would be good. You would pretty much be able to name your price within reason of the project. If I am able to find someone who can do this portion of the project, it will be a done deal.

Please either post here, email me (bigpund2001[at]aol.com or admin[at]professionalgfx.net). You can also try and catch me on AIM on ProfessionalGFX. Please DO NOT send PMs.

Thanks everyone and looking forward to hearing from someone soon.