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Thread: Aim 5.5.3590

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    Aim 5.5.3590

    This may be the 1st version of AIM to NOT INSTALL WILD TANGENT AND SUCH W/O CONSENT!!!!!!

    I think they are finally wising up!!!!!!!

    Review and choose to DOWNLOAD 3590

    Although WildTangent and weatherbug didnt install,the installers were there IN CASE i wanted it.....I simply deleted the installers and of course (YOU GUESSED IT -- VIEWPOINT) I ran a full spy sweep and it came back clean.....

    I also Removed all the NEWS and STOCK TICKER control files as i dont use them,and now those 2 options arent highlighted in the options anymore (I cant click them @ all (hehehe))

    Make sure to delete these files MANUALLY after instsll:

    "popup.ocm" (popup ad control module)
    "advert.ocm" (popup ad module)
    "n2p.ocm" (Some Module not needed)

    Then add this to your windows HOST file:

    "" (This blocks the ads (hehehe))

    Other than that its certianly an OK application (I dont like how Viewpoint still installs.....But thats easily correctable)

    The Dude

    Tinyurl is the answer for posting long urls!!!

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    Well if it doesnt install automatically whats the concearn.

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    AIM is started to compete with MSN finally. I noticed in this latest version they added games and a webcam feature. I also heard the encryption for 5.5 is much stronger and harder for hackers to go into the registry and steal your passwords.

    If anyone wants to IM me my screen name is "EGN Kerry".
    Kerry Jones

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