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    * VPS Question List for vpscolo dinix servint

    Okay, I've been reading about the hot new thing here on WHT and VPS is all the rave!

    It seems to boil down to 3 companies:

    They all look pretty good, and many people post that you'll be fine with any of the three.

    With 14 hosts under my belt I've decided to put together...


    If you have any suggestions, comments, etc. please let me know!

    (If you are one of these BIG THREE feel free to post your answers for the world to see!)

    Here is my Primary list of questions:

    1. How "fully managed" are your VPS plans? I need a solution that will be as hands off as my reseller account.
    2. How "isolated" is my VPS from others on the server? If someone else's VPS crashes or is using a ton of resources (or vice versa) what happens to the other VPS's on the server?
    3. Resource sharing / bursting: If I'm not using all my resources can someone else "borrow them"?
    4. What are the backup features / options you have available and/or provide?
    5. If a site on the server is consuming a lot of resources and slowing down the VPS and/or the server, what is your process for handling this situation & notification?
    6. Do you use a third party server monitoring company (eg: Alerta) and can I have access to the reports?
    7. What is the average time for trouble tickets to be answered. Is your telephone support 24/7?
    8. How can I determine what your VPS will and will not handle as far as resources, hits, usage, etc.? (I don't want to move and then be told, "You need dedicated"). The only benchmark I've heard is the number of posts, total users, and concurrent users on a popular forum... what can your VPS support/handle?
    9. If there is a DOS attack, what do you do to resolve issues related to attacks to a specific server / website?
    10. What support do you provide to prevent and respond to accounts being hacked?
    11. I've been with hosts that have had problems with 'blacklisted' ips, etc. What do you do in this case?

    Here is my Secondary list of questions (still a work-in-progress):

    1. How long have you been offering VPS to the general public?
    2. Can you provide mw with customers that have been with you a long time that can vouch for you.
    3. How many support techs to you have?
    4. Critical and non critical updates? Do you upgrade all servers to the new releases of Cpanel, Whm, etc?
    5. Server monitoring / notifications: Do you just monitor hardware issues, or all system issues? What types of notifications do I receive?
    6. If I get the magic red warning lights in "system status" (apache down, mysql down, server load high, etc.) is it my responsibility to resolve these issues, or yours? What is the response time?
    7. What about updates like gd library, netpbm, and similar upgrades, do you offer them free of charge?
    8. Pro-active vs. requested updates / patches? When is one solution / response better than the other?
    9. Can I have separate reseller accounts? Will you set these up for me?

    Okay all ye masters of WHT.... thanks in advance for your comments and suggestions!

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    Hi There,

    Some of your questions are really up to you, like 'do you provide reseller accounts', you can set those up via CPanel, thats more about how you run your business, I don't think a tech will login and set up reseller accounts for you.

    But, I can tell you I'm currently with ServInt and Dinix. I've had Dinix less than a month and with ServInt since last December. Alertra reports my ServInt box online 100% of the time for the last two months with 29 minutes of downtime the month before due to hardware issues that have all been sorted out in a very fast and professional manner.

    I bought my Dinix VPS to move my help desk and sales away from Overload-thorn and I must say Dinix is also a pretty professional crew. I have Alertra reporting nine minutes of downtime with Dinix due to no fault of my own. I have both my VPS setup identically.

    Both providers offer managed services, however, in my experience so far ServInt provides more detailed responses to questions. I can tell you that both teams have at least three techs. When I sent in a request to get my Fantastico put in the license manager at Dinix it did take more than 12 hours to get done. I find response time from ServInt to be faster.

    I don't really have any long term experience to say this, but, from my initial judgements I find ServInt network to be stronger and their focus on product advancement and customer service to be far superior.

    You can't use APF firewall with either provider. You also cannot use PureFTPd from CPanel.


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    Excellent post! Your experiences will become even more valuable after you've had a year at both providers!

    Many of my questions are based on what I've read here, on their websites, and in discussions with various providers.

    I guess the top questions are:

    1) How "fully managed" are they
    2) Is a VPS really isolated from the rest... can I crash others / steal their resources & vice versa?
    3) General company stability, support & services.

    Any questions I should add / delete?

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