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    Do you guys bother to use the "Valid HTML" icons?

    As a FrontPage user the thought of "Valid HTML" is usually just a dream.
    Knowing that web browsers are rather forgiving when it comes to code this has never bothered me in the past.

    This evening I just finished tidying up the code on a few of my pages and I thought I'd run it through the W3C validator.
    To my great surprise it was actually a lot closer than I thought, only a few errors.
    An hour later and suddenly my main page at is valid HTML.

    After a few moments of being rather proud I added the nice little W3C icon onto my home page and I'm now going through the process of getting all of my pages valid.

    Just a quick question - do you bother to use the W3C icons on your site if you qualify?
    If you do, do you just put it on the odd page or go out of your way to integrate it into all of your pages?
    If you do use the icons could you post a link to your site/pages so I can see how you've gone about integrating it?

    I think the icon looks OK and not out of place on my home page, however I'm not sure how well it would sit on other pages.


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    For HTML 4-based sites, I usually don't bother adding the icon (though I always validate). For XHTML 1.1 and CSS websites, I often do use the icons, since I'm a firm believer in the campaign to move designers away from HTML and toward XHTML/CSS, and that "XHTML 1.1 compliant" icon often arouses curiosity.

    It's completely up to you. On business-oriented sites, it would probably be better to omit it completely, as most of the users won't be designers and couldn't care less that you are in the W3C's good graces.

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    Usually I bury it away in an accessibility page, although in some sites I use it on the front paege.

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    i have them on my site at the moments (HTML,CSS) but now i have a new version which is XHTML 1.0 and CSS valid - i will be putting up buttons, but not the standard ones, i prefer to customize

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