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    Link Point

    I just got Link Point Basic and Link Point API. This is the most confusing pile of garbage I have ever seen.

    Does anyone have any tips, tricks or suggestions to make this easier than sorting through 275 page PDF file.

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    What did you need to know about the basic? Did you call LinkPoint about the API integrattion? Our clients are usually on the API, but my programmers deal with the integration. I do have some source code that might be able to help you out for the API, but the Basic is really simple. Did you follow the link the in e-mail?

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    Linkpoint basic is easy to setup. All you have to do is login to your store. Click on customize. Enter the exact URL of your checkout page on your site. Thats it.

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    We went through the LinkPoint struggle as well. If it relates to hosting, I recommend using some billing software that supports the LinkPoint API such as ModernBill. Saves hours and hours of programming with stupid linkpoint. They should program it for us for the gateway fee they charge every month :-o
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    Thanks for the replies, I have the basic set up, but it looks crappy. It's the API that's driving me nuts!!!

    I'm not a programmer, I'm a web

    I think I'll try either modern bill or who is cart.


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