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Thread: newbie question

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    newbie question

    I just purchased a site from someone

    I may not have advanced skills in dealing with websites but I'm no fool either.

    Can someone tell me how I go about downloading this entire site. Do you just ftp it down to me? The guy is trying to convince me that I need to just host with his company for $7.95 mo. for 100 mb/1gig hahahaha.. Not to mention a $99 support fee...yeah right.

    So I need to move the thing somewhere else and he won't zip it up for me.

    Thanks for all the help for a beginner here.

    P.S. how much would one of you charge me to do this for a total of 7 sites including this one to move onto the host I will be using? Easy money here for someone??


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    I guess if you know whats going on with the files, html, php and all thost stuff, u can just take it off from ftp ^O^
    that guy just wants to manage it to get ur money and think u are a coo coo.

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    I think this was a catch and they will try to make you host the website with them. Did you consult with them if it is possible to move the site anywhere at all?

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    yes I did. They said it is no problem. Although they said they tried to zip me the file but my e-mail program rejected it. They are not being helpful. This is what they wrote to me:


    Domain ownership has already been transferred. You can verify it through the domain information provided earlier. We wish you the best of luck with If we can be of any other assistance, please contact us. Once again, thank you for your business."

    If anyone can help me with just this one site I would appreciate it. Myabe they could zip it to you and you could load it for me for a price?


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    Does it have cPanel? Go to to fnd out, login using the user name and password. If he has sold you this site he will have no problem giving it to you.

    If so, Login using cPanel, go to Backup. After clicking backup on the left hand side you will see a bold header stating "Home Directory". Under this is a link saying "Download a home directory Backup". Click it, and it will offer you to download a file, download it.

    On your new host, using cPanel again, go to the same place, instead this time upload the file you downloaded through the
    "Restore a Home Backup" form.

    If you do not have cPanel, simple FTP should do the trick. Backing up will get your databases too, and passwords etc.

    If you need additional help PM me And good luck.
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