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    Talking Hi All. I'm New and need help.

    I'm looking for a good web host. (no more than 15 monthly for now )

    last two days y make this list. but i don't know any of companies in them. can you help me withs this are good or bad companies, have you others or best of this list?

    can you reconmend me or give ani reference respect this or others best.

    Thank you very much.

    This is the list, if you know other than this or better i' really thank you. A big hug for all.

    Company: sultanhost
    Plan: Starter
    Monthly Bandwidth (MB): 15000
    Space (MB): 1000
    Monthly Fee: 10
    Setup Fee: 0
    Domain year: 10
    1st Month: 20
    Sub domains: unlimited

    Company: Traxworks
    Plan: Trax1500
    Monthly Bandwidth (MB): 30000
    Space (MB): 1500
    Monthly Fee: 15
    Setup Fee: 0
    Domain year: 15
    1st Month: 30
    Sub domains: 50

    Company: LiquidFire
    Plan: Professional Plus
    Monthly Bandwidth (MB): 35000
    Space (MB): 2000
    Monthly Fee: 15
    Setup Fee: 0
    Domain year: 8,75
    1st Month: 23,75
    Sub domains: unlimited

    Company: Penguinhost (.net)
    Plan: Professional
    Monthly Bandwidth (MB): 60000
    Space (MB): 2000
    Monthly Fee: 9,95
    Setup Fee: 5
    Domain year: 14,95
    1st Month: 29,9
    Sub domains: unlimited

    Company: Starlogic
    Plan: Virtual Server
    Monthly Bandwidth (MB): 60000
    Space (MB): 2000
    Monthly Fee: 14,95
    Setup Fee: 0
    1st Month: 15
    Sub domains: 0

    Company: HostSave
    Plan: Max
    Monthly Bandwidth (MB): 200000
    Space (MB): 2000
    Monthly Fee: 12,95
    Setup Fee: 0
    Domain year: 20
    1st Month: 32,95
    Sub domains: 0

    Company: NZ Web I.T.
    Plan: Business Professional
    Monthly Bandwidth (MB): 60000
    Space (MB): 4096
    Monthly Fee: 14,95
    Setup Fee: 14,95
    Domain year: 0
    1st Month: 29,9
    Sub domains: 50

    PD: I' don't spamer, i don't have any relation with the companies in the list.

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    Did you checkout hostnexus, etc, they maybe bit expensive but the quality is great in terms of support and server maintaince. I had been with both of them for more than 1 yr.

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    Maybe fill in a host quote

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    Pansoft thank you, i checkout 2 options now.

    But i try to find over 1000Mb on web space and over 10000Mb on monthly Bandwidth, some one have some information about the companies in the list or others.

    i need buy the host in 2 days max.

    I see more copanies, i send emails for more information and never mail me.

    (my english is bad my mother language is spanish)

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    Sultanhost is a good choice. I used them before I moved to dedicated servers. They were always fairly quick to resolve any support questions than I submitted.

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    Thank Markjut.

    Dacsoft Thank Sultan Host win one point.

    some one else?

    Penguin in numbers look fine but i can find negative or positive comments about them.

    and new zeland company look fine too.

    some one know about them?
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    You should try Real Web Host

    They have great packages and very great support. Just check their site out.


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    Thank you MiVoNL i checkout that now.

    someone know if exist a site form evaluate Host Providers, some thing like Host Providers Rank or Host Providers Revision?

    or some thing like that?

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    If you e-mail a host, and they don't reply - that's not a good sign.

    Brendan Diaz

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    Yes, i delete them of my list. never response = bad service.

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    keep search you find what you want -|

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    Do a search for each company name:

    You'll be able to see what other said about them overtime.

    Good luck!

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