One of the things that bugged me about the original TMNT series, is all the animation errors, and sometimes, cheap animation mistakes. For isntance, take these examples. Most of the mistakes seem to involve the villains, so here's three examples...
In this first shot, the technodrome is missing major details. Two laser arms are missing, and the detail on the eye is off as well.
In this second shot, power is supposed to be completly restored to the Technodrome, yet the production company is still using the same old background when the power was completly out. No lights are on at all...
And tough to tell in this shot, but while the Technodrome wheels are moving, the T echnodrome itself is clearly stationary, and the background dosn't move at all.

These glaring animation errors have always bugged the heck out of me, consideirng the great care and detail that goes into the new cartoon. I'd like to take a shot at fixing some of these in the form of 3D animation.

I am currently working on my 10th try at a 3D Technodrome(been perfecting it over the last 8 years), and once I finish that, I plan on going back and working on the other characters. Bebop, Rockstead, SHredder, Krang, Splinter, the Turtles, etc. Howevere, there's a problem. While I can animate vehicles easilly enough, Character animation is way beyond my current talent.

If there's any TMNT fan out there that can set up character rigs for my models, and would be willing to help out with this little project, please let me know as it would be most appreciated....I'm pretty sure that my 3D Max 5 Models can be imported into any other major animation program, so that shouldn't be a problem..

Thanks for any help