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    DNS questions and possible provider needed.


    I need ideas on how to do this and what the best way to go about it is.

    I do game servers and currently have a bunch of servers located in a colo. My webserver is located in a different place. Its a simple resellers account and Im happy with the service. I would rather not run my own webserver unless I am forced to. I dont have any interest in webhosting and would rather speed the time working on what matters...... my game servers.

    So what Im looking to do is, send traffic from one ip to another based on port number.


    An html request on goes to my current webhost.

    However a request on a gameserver port say .... 27015 on send them to an IP address in my colo.

    I have contacted my webhost and they cant or wont do this.

    Can I just order some sort of DNS service to do this and keep my webhost?

    Im looking for options and ideas. The perfect senerio would be that I can order a DNS service that has a control panel so I can make changes on the fly and also keep my current webhost.

    Ive messed the the idea of just hosting the website myself but to me honest I dont want the headache.

    Any ideas on how to do this and if I can get an outside DNS service to do this.... who should I get.

    Please note Im not looking for free or cheap, Im looking for dependable and easy to use.

    Thank you for your time

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    You cannot forward ports with DNS...

    With DNS, you can do: => to your host => to another host

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    You could use iptables to do port forwarding on the same machine, i'm not sure, but i believe you could do it to forward it to a different host as well.

    as yupapa said, it's not possible to do port forwarding within dns.

    If you are looking for a third party dns solution, i recommend you check out, they don't limit your dns records, and they have an all around great service.

    Plus, is free, so you don't have much to loose there.

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    were always gonna find away to do what WE want to do by hacking our way aound it somehow
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    You can forward using IPF or IPChains or IPTables to another machine if you have two NICs on the same machine connected to the internet.
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