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    web optimisers

    so, i want increase traffic and larger ranking by the search engines....some company is saying they can do this.

    at the same time, i hear stories of google banning websites because of shady happenings.

    anyone can provide input, i'll like to hear the opinions from this forum. thanks,

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    You'd have to find out from them specifically what kinds of techniques they'd use.

    Stay away from:
    Doorway pages
    Cloaking (except in specific circumstances, but you probably aren't one)
    Redirects of multiple domains

    Those are the kinds of things that can get you in trouble with Google. Additionally, I'd stay away from anyone who emphasizes "meta tags;" it's a clue that their knowledgebase is out of date. Be cautious of anyone who guarantees rankings; usually that means rankings for useless keywords at meaningless minor search sites. Sometimes it means they're really talking about PPC, not "organic" search results. Those are the kinds of things that should move you to asking probing questions about their techniques and goals.

    Look for someone who understands that rankings that don't bring real visitors mean nothing, and visitors who don't purchase or sign up mean little.

    I've been thinking of writing an article on the kinds of questions that should be asked today in order to evaluate how up-to-date someone SEO knowledge is (questions about the "Florida update," "LSI"; the current situation with Yahoo's search index; what's at alltheweb and at inktomi, etc.) but haven't gotten beyond an outline yet... but there are plenty of people marketing their services who don't put the time into keeping up to date in an area where something new happens every day.
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    a guide that you just spoke of is exactly what i'll need to quiz this fellow. when will it be out?

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    JayC is absolutely right. No one can tell you, your site will be Rank 4 on google under the keywords "whatever".

    Stay well away from companies that claim this. You may want to look at professional SEO that tell you straight up they cannot guarantee certain results but can get you high and so on. I personally outsource jobs like this to Vertical Leap.
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