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    Uninstall/disable unused scripts/services on cPanel

    Hi all

    We understand that the following scripts will be installed as part of a Virtuozzo VPS with cPanel:
    - Apache (cpanel version, includes mod_ssl/frontpage extensions)
    - PHP (cpanel version)
    - Webmail: Horde, NeoMail, SquirrelMail
    - Database : MySQL (Default), PostgreSQL (available)
    - Web/Mail Stats : Analog, Webalizer, Awstats, EximStats
    - FTP Daemons : proftpd (Default), pure-ftpd (available)
    - E-Commerce : interchange
    - Chat servers : entropychat (html based), melange (java based)
    - Mail related : Spamassassin, autoresponders, mail filtering, mail
    forwarding, majordomo mailing list manager and spamd (spamassassin
    - Web Related : Redirects, phpBB (bulletin board), phpMyChat, HotLink
    protection, Search engine submission.
    - CGI Scripts : FormMail, CGI Email, Random HTML Generator,
    Simple/Advanced Guestbook, Visitor Counter, Countdown clock, Java Clock,
    Entropy Banner (rotating banner ads).
    - System related : Disk quotas, Customizable backup, Bandmin, Ability to
    cluster, Scan for trojan viruses, AIM/ICQ/Pager notification and Shell
    fork bomb/memory hog protection.
    - Daemons (general): ftp, pop, imap, smtp, dns

    Since our target clients only need about one-fifth of what is actually included, can anyone offer any pointers as to whether it's possible/advisable to disable (or not install) those scripts/services that aren't used at all? If so, how? During the initial configuration phase or through WHM subsequently?

    Any advice would be much appreciated.



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    Some of those can be disabled in WHM under the Services section, or in the WHM Setup section.

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