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    New server choices

    Right now I'm looking for a custom dedicated solution. I'm looking for one rent-to-own server and a standard dedicated rental. I have narrowed my choice down to a couple of providers and would appreciate any feedback that their customers could give me.

    Rent-to-own server:

    Standard dedicated:

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    I have only ever worked with and their sales people are very good and great to work with. The rent to own is part of though I think.....not ( a little bit confusing ). Maybe they can say forsure, but I asked about this and was told it was only with servers that were shown on

    Hope this helps
    Greg Lubbelinkhof

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    I don't know anyone who had a success story with ezzi.. I couldn't beleive it, tried them myself and the network performance is just horrible.

    rusko = peer1 = very nice
    superbservers, i had problems before but they are doing all they can to resolve them, which is very nice and appreciated compared to, let's say... "ezzi" who just say "you must be overloading the server!"
    servermatrix -- best company I've been with so far

    check out too, they have very nice pricing on peer1 bandwidth.

    cant comment on others, never used them.

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    No experience with any of those except servermatrix. Great company and great people. Hard to find this dedication level and personilization with such a large company but they do it.

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    I would suggest for cheap and high-bandwith, they had some serious outage before issuses but lately everything seems pretty good with nocster.
    But if you really want First Class service I defintly recommend I consider my self lucky that I got servers from them. I don't think you can read any tiny bad review about them, they network and tech support is awesome. Just an example, Last nite I screwed up firewall settings and blocked all net access to the server. At 3:00 am after I send message to pager I got respond in 15 minutes from aol messenger. I explained details, they contacted DataCenter and server fixed in 1 hour and I didnt even get charged for recovery of my mistake. I dont think you can find that kind of support in any other company. So I do suggest them and Im sure you will be "thank me" for suggestiong them cause I "thanked" the guy who suggested them

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    1,879 every time! Jay is possibly the most helpful person around!
    Please do read my review of Ethr.NET here:
    If you have any questions about them, please PM me and I'll be happy to answer them as best as I can.

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    606 (correct link)

    I have have/had server at these locations.

    TMS has been the best so far. They have great support and network (the planet mix) for the price. Overall A

    SM is pretty good if you are looking for a cheap dedicated server. There support is lacking a bit. Overall B+

    GNAX is pretty good. There support is quick and is normally sloved within 1 reply. Only thing i fine lacking is there contact information and there prices are a bit high with cpanel. Overall A- - Speedy OpenVPN & PPTP VPN Services

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