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    Need Help In Email Marketing Solutions

    Please help me in email marketing , i want to buy emails and dont know from which sites (trusted) and also i dont know if this spam or not

    please help me but recommending sites or giving advices in this service

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    As long as they are "opt-in" and specifically noted that the e-mails may be sold then it is alright. I have a list right now actually. Let me know what "genre" of websites you were looking for (as I have them categorized). I have a list of 38 million (yes, million) e-mail addresses that I've purchased from a ton of websites (proven to be opt-in when I bought the lists) and it cost me around $1500 total for the list. It's brought me quite a bit of success, but that was about 3 years ago. So, I can't guarantee anything.
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    there is this site i found but i don`t know if i can trust them or not
    inetgiant dot com

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    no reply ?

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    Yeah !me,I have many email addresses here.Do you want to buy?cocowawa

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