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    Studio Gazal V2 is on its way and need for feedback.Thanks

    Site contains
    + Heavy use of graphics
    + Cool audio loops
    + Pixel fonts
    + May take some time to load on dial-up

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    dont like it one bit im opened another window and was so confusing I closed it without even knowing what it was about.....worst site I have ever been to in my life im afraid, even a crappy template would be better because alteast I would know what it was about. I'm not trying to be rude or harsh by just was shockingly bad.......sorry dude

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    Bub, it wasnt the worst lol..
    like he said, get rid of the pop-up thing.
    Also, it looks more like a personal site then a site offering services.

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    i was patient till your site loaded because you already mentioned it on you message above.

    Few tips:
    With the size of monitors increasing every no and then... i think it would be beter if you use one window and make your contents a bit larger. Imagine how your site looks now in a 19, 21 inch monitor.

    secondly, you've got a typing mistake on your "Our work" page. the first link has the word "soloutions" instead of "solutions".

    For the rest... its great.

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    hey, guys thanks for the reply, yeah the site is not finished, there going to be heaps more transtions and stuff. yeah i know it small my screen res is 1600*1200

    keep the comments coming, the more the better i can better the site..

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