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    parking "Coming soon"


    Not long ago I registered a domain with and wish to use their "Comming soon" parking page.

    Do I need to specify registerfly's DNS servers for it to work ? Because when I registered it, no domains were specified in the DNS list. SO I figured, maybe I should specify some DNS servers....

    I'm confused.

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    I believe to use any of their services like the parking page, forwarding, you have to use their nameservers. Once you change the nameservers to another, nothing will work.


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    what do the DNS servers should when you go to (replace with your domain)?

    if they are using registerfly's you are ok. if they are something else... they need changing.
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    You need to use their nameservers. To enable it is easy. Login to your account, select the domain name to manage and choose Enable Parking Page. This will make the DNS settings for you and activate your oage.
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