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    * MySQL optimization for this kind of server

    Hello, i have installed MYSQL and apache on NT 2000(SP4) and i have a problem with Mysql locks up now and then , apache runs fine, Mysql have default setup (See below)

    Server Spec: Dual Xeon 2.8GHz, 1GB ram, 5 x 72GB Riad-5 Scsi disk, Win2000(Sp4), MySQL 4.0.18

    Multiple Virtual sites on Apache with MYsql support, PHP.

    #This File was made using the WinMySQLAdmin 1.4 Tool
    #03.03.2004 14:17:57

    #Uncomment or Add only the keys that you know how works.
    #Read the MySQL Manual for instructions

    #language=F:/mysql/share/your language directory
    #slow query log#=

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    This is really a complex issue, you will need to start looking into the logs (mysqlís and apacheís) to see what is happening when it locks up.

    You will also want to read over the manual on Optimization (its a whole section in the manual)

    more specifically:

    But just think how more knowledgeable you will be

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