Web Cam - live Internet video communications solution. It is a web-based collaboration and video conferencing tool. Used effectively, video conferencing may dramatically increase Your business productivity. Today, video conferencing systems can go far beyond private talks tete-a-tete. Video communications get more dynamic. Decisions are made faster; bringing products or services to market quicker; and enabling you to stay ahead of your competitors. Benefits that video conferencing can bring to your company are obvious.
The new system has grown into a web-conferencing portal that allows users to plug in to web-camera video streams simultaneously and to communicate online. Now you can even hear the voice of your interlocutor and not only chat with him.
- This system can be useful for educational institutions. The main PWCNS ' function is live delivery of video materials to multiple users simultaneously - conferences, lectures, teaching movies, and other staff.
- PWCNS 1.1 allows to conduct business trainings, video chats and conferences
- You can organize adult webcam voice chat through commerce channels
- This is an effective communication tool with your friends

You can now have meetings across the globe - face to face - without getting on an airplane. Videoconferencing is a great solution for companies that want to reduce the costs associated with travel, hotels, meals, and lost productivity.

Handy graphic interface simplifies the work with video conference.

This portal possesses all of the features of Matrix Cams and includes the following enhancements and improvements:

- Unlike its predecessor, PWCNS 1.1 is not a simple web-chat. It now supports video conferencing with multiple correspondents worldwide.
- Unlike its predecessor (PWCNS 1.1), PWCNS 2 can assemble up to 32 servers into a distributed system that grants users access to common rooms. The total amount of correspondents may be more than 8 thousands.
- Java applet to playback video and audio streams has been redesigned to support the enhanced functionality of PWCNS 2 .

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