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    DNS Outage Advice

    I currently have a site hosted on a really crap server getting about 300,000 hits per week. I need to transfer it but need to know if there is any way I can limit the amount of time the domain will be unavailable. Presumably if i request a transfer and give the new IPS Tag and IP addresses of the new server it could take up to 24hours for people to actually be able to access the site on the new servers.

    Is the any possible way around this delay?

    Any advice is gratefully appreciated


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    The site shouldn't actually be unavailable for any time, once you update your DNS it'll normally take around 12-36 hours to resolve, a little longer for some people.

    So while that's happening some people will be hitting the old server and some the new one.

    If you have dynamic content like forums, you might want to consider closing them or pointing the old forums to the IP address of the new server so that people are not posting into two databases.

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    There is for sure

    I've learnt it from NexDog, but you would need assistance from your current host.

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    While there are a lot of depends (named hosting vs. ip-based hosting et all), your existing host or admin may be able to set up proxy forwarding so that any down time may be as close to zero.

    Thank you.
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    Thanks for the help guys. Unfortunately if the hosts were anything like approachable I wouldn't be moving. It's which as you can see from plenty of posts in this forum aren't thought of very highly. They are impossible to contact.

    I suppose I'll jsut have to post a "This site will be unavailable from......." type notice up for a couple of days before.



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    Actually, if you contact your new web host for ideas and suggestions, they should be able to help you keep your forums up and running, even during propogation. I've had to do this for a few of my customers, the most amount of downtime they actually had for their forums (or any other part of their site that was database driven) was only about a half hour. A savvy web host would know exactly what needs to be done to help keep your site up during this transition.

    Check with your new web host to see what they can do for you.
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    Although it sounds unlikely, you might try and see if they'll let you modify the Time To Live records for your DNS. If you can, three or four days prior to the move you can reduce the TTL to something incredibley small, say 10 minutes. That way, once the move has begun, worst case scenario is that someone won't be able to view your site for 10 minutes.
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    I would just run both sites, until DNS changes over, you just update the sql file using rsync, or just do it manually if you need to. I have found it take 3 days before everyone moves over, and I still get a couple of people hitting the old site on the 4th day.

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