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    Doubled BandWidth & DiskSpace! (6Gb/$2.25 to 50Gb/$13,70 *Domain/99,9%Uptime**

    Due to great succes we have the same offer as a few weeks ago, untill the end of april!
    You'll get everything on your account doubled! (except the price ) just enter 'wht' in the coupon box!

    Each acount includes:
    CPanel, Mysql, PHP, CGI, Frontpage Extensions, Unlimited E-mail, 24/7 support, 24/7 statistics, SubDomains
    and last but not least all PowerPlans come with a free domain!

    200Mb Diskspace
    6Gb of Data Transfer
    2x MySQL Database
    $7 / Quarter
    $27 / Year

    300Mb Diskspace
    10Gb of Data Transfer
    4x MySQL Database
    $13 / Quarter
    $49 / Year

    400Mb Diskspace
    15Gb of Data Transfer
    8x MySQL Database
    $19 / Quarter
    $71 / Year

    Free Domain!
    500Mb Diskspace
    22Gb of Data Transfer
    8x MySQL Database
    $25 / Quarter
    $93 / Year

    Free Domain!
    600Mb Diskspace
    30Gb of Data Transfer
    8x MySQL Database
    $34 / Quarter
    $126 / Year

    Free Domain!
    1000Mb Diskspace
    50Gb of Data Transfer
    8x MySQL Database
    $45 / Quarter
    $165 / Year
    In the above figure everything has allready been doubled

    Note that if payment is paid yearly you get one month's free hosting.

    We use ExoPhpDesk for our helpdesk needs, we also have a community forum which can be used for most support issues aswell.
    Also our e-mail is checked 24/7 with a maximum reply time of 4 hours.

    This offer is valid untill the end of april!

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    People are asking if doubled bandwidth is only for the first month, I can ensure everyone.. offcorse it's not!

    If anyone else has question please do so here, or click the live chat link on the website

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